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How Libraries and Reference Libraries in Higher Institutions Form a Galaxy of Talented People


黃琦(Qi Huang);蔣燕萍(Yan-Ping Jiang)

Key Words

圖書館 ; 資料室 ; 人才 ; library ; reference library ; talented people



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40卷4期(2004 / 12 / 15)

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153 - 157

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Chinese Abstract


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At present, university libraries and reference libraries are not well equipped with talented and qualified people for their development. How to keep and invite qualified people has become a crucial problem. It is very important to set up a system favorable for the formation of a galaxy of talented people who are dedicated to library service. Great efforts have to be made to bring about a new policy, rules and regulations, better working conditions and facilities for effective operation, and planned training programs for librarians, etc., which will help to attain quality service.

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