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A View on How to Motivate Students in Learning


羅雙蘭(Shuang-Lan Luo);李芒(Mang Li)

Key Words

學習動機 ; 動機設計模型 ; 教學設計 ; 動機適應性 ; motivation in learning ; motivation design model ; instruction design ; motivation adaptability



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40卷4期(2004 / 12 / 15)

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95 - 100

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Motivation in learning is one of the key factors for effective instruction. Researchers have made extensive and profound studies on how to amuse students' motivation in learning by different methods and front different angles. By describing and evaluating the theory of psychology on how to arouse students' motivation in learning, the studies of motivation design and its practice, and the studies of the theory on motivation adaptability and its relevant experiments, this paper is aimed to throw light on the research and experiment in China on how to effectively motivate students' learning.

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