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Development in Research on the Fractal Theory of Soil Water and Solute Transport Mechanisms


李云开(Yun-Kai Li);杨培岭(Pei-Ling Yang);任树梅(Shu-Mei Ren);罗远培(Yuan-Pei Luo)

Key Words

土壤水分 ; 溶质运移 ; 运移机制 ; 分形理论 ; soil water ; solute ; transport mechanism ; fractal



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16卷6期(2005 / 11 / 01)

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892 - 899

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The Soil water and the solute transport are a hotspot in the research of the soil-water environment, and it is the problem that has no better solutions. It is a new ideal and method that the soil water and the solute are studied with the fractal theory to settle the complex problems in this area. Based on the expounding in briefly that soil structure is measured with fractal theory, a series of results in the soil water and the solute transport mechanisms with the fractal theory are reviewed particularly, including its basic parameters the non-Fick phenomenon of the soil solute transport and the scale effect of dispersion coefficient. It is hoped that the Fractal theory will be used in the future to research the soil water and the solute transport process.

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