Phosphate Sorption-Desorption Characteristics in Two Inceptisols and an Alfisol of Chattisgarh, India


A. K. Doului;S. S. Roy

Key Words

Alfisols ; Inceptisols ; phosphate sorption-desorption



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15卷5期(2005 / 10 / 01)

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611 - 619

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English Abstract

Two Inceptisols and an Alfisol of the Indravati Catchment area in Chattisgarh, India, comprising several gradients in physical and chemical properties were studied to relate phosphate sorption and desorption to soil properties. From the P isotherm curve, the standard P requirement (SPR) of the soils was determined. Phosphate sorption data were also fitted both to the Langmuir and Freundlich Equations. The mean sorption maximum values for three different soil series were: Bastar>Geedam>Mosodi. The fraction of added phosphate sorbed for the 3 series followed this same trend as did SPR; the phosphate sorption maximum and the maximum phosphate buffering capacity, which were estimated by the Langmuir isotherm; and the Freundlich constant 1/n. However, phosphate desorption, as well as the maximum recovery percent did not follow this order. The phosphate affinity constant (K) was also different following the same progression for the 3 soil series as the Freundlich constant K', which measured sorption strength. Meanwhile, an inverse order existed for K and K' versus the percent desorbed relative to the sorbed as well as the maximum recovery percent. In addition, significant correlation coefficients among sorption parameters of P and soil factors were found.

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