Effects of Acetochlor and Methamidophos on Fungal Communities in Black Soils


Xin-Yu Li;Hui-Wen Zhang;Qi-Xing Zhou;Zhen-Cheng Su;Cheng-Gang Zhang

Key Words

acetochlor ; black soil ; fungal biomass ; fungal population ; methamidophos



Volume or Term/Year and Month of Publication

15卷5期(2005 / 10 / 01)

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646 - 652

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English Abstract

Using plate counting and ergosterol assay, single and joint effects of acetochlor and methamidophos on the dynamics of soil fungal population and total fungal biomass in the black soil zone of Northeast China were investigated. The results demonstrated that acetochlor at high concentration levels (150 and 250 mg kg^(-1)) had an acute and mostly chronic toxicity on both the soil fungal population and total fungal biomass, but at a low concentration (50 mg kg^(-1)) generally had a stimulating effect that was stronger with total fungal biomass than with the soil fungal population. Methamidophos at a high concentration level (250 mg kg^(-1)) alone and almost all of its combinations with various dosages of acetochlor increased the soil fungal population, whereas at most sampling dates with 250 mg methamidophos kg^(-1) soil, total fungal biomass increased, but in combination with acetochlor it was decreased in the early period of incubation and then increased 28 days after incubation. Thus, through measuring the number of colony forming unit of the soil fungal population along with the total fungal biomass, a better understanding on effects of agrochemicals on soil fungi could be made.

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