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Integrated Performance Analysis Method of Multivariate Control System and Its Application


陈飞(Fei Chen);杨马英(Ma-Ying Yang);朱先桃(Xian-Tao Zhu)

Key Words

多变量控制系统 ; 性能分析 ; 最小方差控制 ; multivariate control system ; performance analysis ; minimum variance control



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33卷4期(2004 / 08 / 01)

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463 - 467

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Chinese Abstract


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An integrated performance analysis method of multivariate control system is proposed, where multivariable minimum variance control benchmark is used to calculate the performance index of multivariable control system, normalized multivariate impulse response curve plot is used to describe the dynamic response information, and auto-correlation function plot and cross-correlation function plot are used to present whether oscillation is occurring or not. With the proposed method, several aspects of the control system performance can be assessed. A distillation column case study is given to illustrate the performance assessment method.

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