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Optimization Control of Permeability and Heat Status for Lead-Zinc Sintering Process


杜玉晓(Yu-Xiao Du);吴敏(Min Wu);桂卫华(Wei-Hua Gui)

Key Words

铅锌烧结过程 ; 惩罚函数法 ; 基于聚类点的并行变步长网格法 ; 最优保存简单遗传算法 ; lead-zinc sintering process ; penalty function method ; parallel uneven grid method based on clustering ; optimum maintaining simple genetic algorithm OMSGA



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33卷4期(2004 / 08 / 01)

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490 - 494

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The complex imperial sintering process possesses strong nonlinear, strong coupling, uncertain and multi-constrained features. In the paper, the neural network models are used to predict the permeability and burn through point (BTP), and the penalty function, parallel uneven grid method based on clustering and optimum maintaining simple genetic algorithm (OMSGA) are used to complete optimization of the whole status. The algorithm is globally convergent and industrially effective, resolves the real-time intelligent optimal control problem in complex imperial sintering process, and can be applied to practical industrial process with better results.

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