魯棒H(上標 ∞)濾波器在AUV航向控制中的應用仿真

Translated Titles

Simulation of Robust H(superscript ∞) Filter for AUV Heading Control System


熊華勝(Hua-Sheng Xiong);邊信黔(Xin-Qian Bian);施小成(Xiao-Cheng Shi)

Key Words

自治水下機器人 ; 魯棒H(上標 ∞)濾波器 ; 航向控制系統 ; 線性矩陣不等式 ; autonomous underwater vehicle AUV ; robust H(superscript ∞) filter ; heading control system ; linear matrix inequality LMI



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27卷6期(2005 / 11 / 01)

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526 - 529

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Chinese Abstract

研究設計了一個魯棒H(上標 ∞)濾波器來解決自治水下機器人(AUV)航向控制系統中部分難以測量狀態變量的估計問題,並將其應用在AUV的航向控制系統中。建立了自治水下機器人在體坐標系下水平面運動的運動方程,並在特定的工作點對方程進行了線性化處理,得到了自治水下機器人的控制設計模型。基於線性矩陣不等式(LMI)方法對AUV航向控制系統設計了一個魯棒H(上標 ∞)濾波器,並對該濾波器應用於AUV航向控制系統進行了仿真試驗。仿真結果表明,該魯棒H(上標 ∞)濾波器能夠較好地抑制測量噪聲的影響,較準確地估計出系統的狀態變量,能夠提高AUV航向控制系統的控制品質。

English Abstract

A robust H(superscript ∞) filter is developed for the heading control system of an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) to estimate some state variables which are not always available and are often difficult to measure in practice, and we extend the filter's application to the AUV heading control system. The equations of the AUV motions in the body-fixed horizontal plane are established, and they are linearized over a specified operating point to suit for the controller design. A robust H(superscript ∞) filter for the AUV heading control system is designed based on the method of linear matrix inequalities (LMIs), and its application to the AUV heading control system is simulated by computer. The simulation results show that the proposed robust H(superscript ∞) filter is effective to reject the negative effects of measurement noise and properly estimate the state variables of the system, and it makes much contribution to the performance improvement of the AUV heading control system.

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