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The Effect of Progesterone to the Uterus Smooth Muscle in Ovariectomized Rats.


杜雪莲(Xue-Lian Du);温泽清(Ze-Qing Wen);姜涛(Tao Jiang);张华玲;王桂丽

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黄体酮 ; 子宫平滑肌 ; 大鼠 ; 卵巢切除术 ; Progesterone ; Smooth muscle ; Rat ; Ovariectomy



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45卷8期(2005 / 03 / 15)

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15 - 17

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Chinese Abstract

目的 探讨孕激素对卵巢切除大鼠子宫肌层发育的影响。方法 将40只幼年大鼠随机分为A、B、C、D组,每组各10只。A组为假手术组,只行开关腹手术;B、C、D组均切除双侧卵巢,其中C组及D组分别加用大剂量及小剂量孕激素。连续给药6周后,测量各组大鼠子宫重量,用HE染色法加计算机图像分析技术观察子宫内膜、肌层及垂体、肾上腺的组织形态学变化。结果 B组子宫重量明显减轻至(145.00±31.08)mg•C组子宫重量由(145.00±31.08)mg增至(540.30±86.30)mg;肌细胞直径由(4.83±0.25)μm增至(16.52±0.46)μm,与B、D组比较P均<0.05。各组大鼠垂体及肾上腺无明显组织学改变。结论 大剂量孕激素可促进卵巢切除大鼠子宫肌层的发育。

English Abstract

Objective To study the effect of progesterone to the uterus smooth muscle in ovariectomized rats. Methods 40 infancy female rats were randomly divided into four groups. Group A was sham operation comparison group; group B, C, and D were ovariectomized; thereinto group C and D were separately added with large and low dosage of progesterone therapy. After 6 weeks, the uteris weight of all groups were measured, and a computerized image analyzer was used to evaluate the pathological changes of endometrium, smooth muscle, pituitary and adrenal gland. Results The results showed that the uteris weight were decreased into (145.00±31.08)mg in group B, The weight of uteri was increased in group C, compared with that in group B [(145.00±31.08)mg vs (540.30±86.30)mg, P<0.05]. The volume of smooth muscle cell was also increased distinctly [(4.83±0.25)μm vs (16.52±0.4)μm, P<0.05]. The changes of pituitary and adrenal gland were not notable. Conclusion The results suggested that large dosage of progesterone has a kind of stimulating effect on the uteri smooth muscle of ovariectomized rats.

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