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Study on the Thermal Degradation Kinetics of Chloroprene Rubber


杨性坤(Xing-Kun Yang);胡付欣(Fu-Xin Hu)

Key Words

氯丁橡胶 ; 热分解 ; 动力学 ; 活化能 ; chloroprene rubber ; thermal degradation ; kinetic ; activation energy



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18卷2期(2005 / 04 / 10)

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159 - 160

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Chinese Abstract

对国产和进口氯丁橡胶(CR)热分解动力学进行研究,结果表明,CR的热降解过程分3步进行,N2气氛下的明显起始分解温度为260℃,推得热分解反应级数为一级,热分解反应活化能为148 kJ•mol^(-1),分解反应的频率因子为2×10^(-11)。

English Abstract

Thermal degradation kinetics of chloroprene rubber (CR) in nitrogen has been studied using thermogravimitry. It was found that the thermal degradation process of CR is a three-step reaction in nitrogen. The thermal degradation starting temperature of CR is 260 ℃. The results show that the thermal degradation reaction of CR is first order with respect to CR mass. The values of activation energy (E) and the preexponential factor (A) are 148 kJ•mol^(-1) and 2×10^(-11), respectively.

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