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Application Study on Feed forward-fuzzy Control System of Low Pressure Die Casting


李芳(Fang Li)

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低压铸造 ; 前馈-模糊控制 ; 压力跟踪 ; 铝合金轮毂 ; low pressure die casting ; feed forward-fuzzy control ; pressure tracking ; aluminium alloy wheel



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18卷2期(2005 / 04 / 10)

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234 - 237

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Chinese Abstract

根据铝合金轮毂的铸造工艺要求,采用了前馈-模糊控制的方法实现低压铸造的压力跟踪,采用PI控制的方法实现轮毂低压铸造要求的稳态性能。应用实践表明,所研究的控制系统不仅实现了压力跟踪阶段的误差在20 mBar以内,而且在稳态阶段的压力误差也在20 mBar以内。

English Abstract

The low pressure die casting is a kind of molding technics which is widely used currently. On the request of molding technics of aluminium alloy wheel, this paper studies the feed forward-fuzzy method for low pressure die casting pressure tracking and the P1 method for the steady-state control. The application in practice shows that not only the transient-state error but the steady error of the control system are less than 20 mBar.

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