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Progress in Studies on Photoinhibition


王強(Qiang Wang);溫曉剛(Xiao-Gang Wen);張其德(Qi-De Zhang)

Key Words

光抑制 ; 活性氧 ; 熱耗散 ; 葉黃素循環 ; 環式電子傳遞 ; 抗氧化系統 ; Photoinhibition ; Active oxygen ; Thermal dissipation ; Xanthophyll cycle ; Cyclic electron flow ; Antioxidative system



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20卷5期(2003 / 10 / 01)

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539 - 548

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Chinese Abstract


English Abstract

Recent progress in studies on photoinhibition of plant photosynthesis was summarized in this review, including the generation and role of the reactive oxygen species which might lead to photoinhibition and photooxidation, the targets of photoinhibition, and the mechanisms of photoprotection. Three proposed mechanisms for protection of plant from photoinhibition were discussed: thermal dissipation which relates to the photosystem Ⅱ antenna and xanthophyll cycle; electron transport pathway including photorespiration, H2O-H2O cycle and cyclic electron flow; and the scavenging system for reactive oxygen species.

Topic Category 生物農學 > 植物學
生物農學 > 農業