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Microsporogenesis and Malegametogenesis of Larix chinensis Beissn


俞曉敏(Xiao-Min Yu);趙桂仿(Gui-Fang Zhao)

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太白紅杉 ; 小孢子母細胞 ; 雄配子體 ; 發育 ; Larix chinensis Beissn ; Microspore mother cell ; Male gametophyte ; Development



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20卷5期(2003 / 10 / 01)

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576 - 584

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Chinese Abstract

太白紅杉(Larix chinensis Beissn)的雄球花7月初開始分化。小孢子囊壁一般包括5~6層細胞:表皮、藥室內壁、2~3層中層和絨氈層。絨氈層屬於周原質團型。造孢細胞在7月下旬形成,8月上旬形成小孢子母細胞,8月下旬開始減數分裂,於10月上旬進入雙線期,並以雙線期渡過休眠。翌年3月下旬解除休眠繼續進行減數分裂,4月中旬形成四分體,4月下旬到5月初小孢子從四分體內釋放出來,小孢子經過連續4次有絲分裂後,於5月中旬形成5-細胞型的成熟花粉粒(雄配子體)並開始散粉。小孢子母細胞發育表現出不同步現象,部分小孢子母細胞在發育過程中出現退化,在小孢子囊內形成空腔。

English Abstract

The male cone of Larix chinensis Beissn differentiates at the beginning of July. The microsporangium wall of L. chinensis comprises one epidermis, one endothecium, 2~3 middle layers, and a tapetum. The tapetum conforms to periplasmodial type. The sporogenous cell occurs in late July. The microspore mother cell is formed in early August, and its meiosis begins to occur in late August. The microspore mother cell enters into diplotene in early October, and goes through dormancy at this phase. The microspore mother cell ends dormancy in late March next year, and continues its meiosis. In the middle of April tetrad forms and microspore is released from late April to early May. After microspore's four times continuous mitosis, the mature pollen (male gametophyte) which comprising five cells forms and begins shedding in middle May. The development of the microspore mother cell is not synchronous, and some microsporocytes begin to degenerate, resulting in the formation of a large cavity in the microsporangium.

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