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RISC Technique in Star Sensor


杨建(Jian Yang);江洁(Jie Jiang);张广军(Guang-Jun Zhang);李苏祺(Su-Qi Li)

Key Words

ARM ; RISC ; 星敏感器 ; ARM ; RISC ; Star sensor



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32卷8期(2005 / 08 / 01)

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19 - 22

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Chinese Abstract

提出了一种采用RISC作为星敏感器主处理器的设计方案。RISC(Reduced Instruction Set Computer)是精简指令集计算机,它具有指令简单、功耗低、运行速度快的特点。以RISC技术为基础搭建了星敏感器处理器部分的硬件结构。在此平台上,成功地实现了星敏感器的数据处理和控制功能,其中包括系统的启动,模式转换控制,星图识别、跟踪和姿态计算,以及与FPGA通讯等。在跟踪状态下,姿态更新频率可以达到10Hz。测试表明,应用RISC技术的系统功耗小,仅为400mW,成本约为使用功能类似DSP构建系统的1/4。

English Abstract

A design scheme using RISC as the central processor for a star sensor is proposed. RISC is the abbreviation of Reduced Instruction Set Computer. It has features of simple instruction, low power consumption and fast operation speed. The hardware structure of the processor for the star sensor is built on the basis of RISC technique. The function of data processing and control of star sensor including the control of booting system, mode switching, star identification, tracking and attitude calculation, and communication between RISC and FPGA are successfully executed on this platform. Especially when star sensor works in tracking mode, attitude update frequency can reach even 10Hz. The test result shows that the system applied with RISC technology has a low power consumption of 400mW and its cost is about 1/4 of that of similar system constructed with DSP.

Topic Category 工程學 > 電機工程