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Research of Statistical Attribution on IP Message Total Length Field


譚敏生(Min-Sheng Tan);趙治國(Zhi-Guo Zhao);余芸珍(Yun-Zhen Yu);葉善錦(Shan-Jin Ye);陳苗(Miao Chen)

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抽樣測量 ; 標識字段 ; 統計屬性 ; 抽樣掩碼 ; sampling measurement ; identification field ; statistical attribution ; sampling mask



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24卷3期(2005 / 09 / 01)

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91 - 94

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With the rapid development of network technology and the emergence of the G-bits Ethernet, it is increasingly difficult to measure the full-grouping of the Network Traffic. Using the method of sampling to estimate population characteristic of network traffic according to sampling samples becomes the most important research. Generally speakly, it is unknown which distribution population conform to, we often use the test method of x^2 distribution to test whether population conform tocertain distribution. But if the length of IP message appears to be comparatively concentrative and this method is still used to estimate the distribution of the total length of IP message, a great number of experiments result manifest that the distribution of the total length of IP message does not conform to x^2 distribution, but we can not think that the sampling sample and population do not have the same statistics distributin. Thus, this paper presents a new test method of the total length field of IP message, which is based on a lot of experiments and is called the test method of accumulation deviation. Furthermore, we have done sampling experiment in campus network exit of Nanhua University. The result verifies that the sampling sample and population have the same statistics distribution as well as this test method is very effective.

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