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Comparative Study of Qualification Systems for Special Education Teachers


顾定倩(Ding-Qian Gu)

Key Words

特殊教育 ; 教师资格制度 ; Special Education ; Qualification Certificate



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26卷9期(2005 / 09 / 01)

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53 - 58

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Teachers of the student with special needs are an indivisible part of the whole teaching profession. The common professional requirements for this type of teachers in many countries are that they should possess two certificates, one is Teacher Qualification Certificate, and the other is Qualification Certificate for Special Education Teachers. Four relationships need to be well handled so as to establish China's own Qualification system for special education teachers. They are: the relationship between teachers in compulsory educational system and those in non-compulsory education sector; the relationship between special education graduates from normal universities and graduates from other majors; the relationship between professional teachers in special schools and other professionals, and that between teachers in special schools/classes and those in regular classes with the student with special needs.

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