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Clinical treatment for antidepressant drug adverse reaction caused by vomiting during chemotherapy


曾娟紫;广东省梅州市梅江区黄搪路梅州市人民医院化疗2科;曾娟紫;吴国武;广东省梅州市梅江区黄搪路梅州市人民医院化疗2科,广东 梅州,514031

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抗精神类药物 ; 化疗 ; 呕吐 ; 处理 ; 药物与临床 ; Antidepressant drugs ; Chemotherapy ; Vomiting ; Treatment



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35卷12期(2014 / 05 / 08)

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2534 - 2535

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Objective To investigate the use of antidepressant drugs inchemotherapy induced adverse reaction of vomiting in.Methods 60 cases ofvomiting caused by chemotherapy in patients,randomly,divided into the studygroup and the control group,the control group was given routine antiemetictreatment,research combined antidepressant Deanxit group routine antiemeticdrugs.Results The effective rate of patients in study group was 36.7%,no efficiency is 63.3%,the efficiency was higher than that of control group(P=0.013);the study group patients appetite,sleep,life,mental state,communication,the joy of the game of living improvement rate were 56.7%,36.7%,43.3%,43.3%,26.7%,26.7%,im provement rate was higher than that of control group(P<0.05).Conclusion Theanti depression drugs used for chemotherapy induced exactly the antiemetic effect of adverse reaction in the treatment of vomiting,and can improve the quality of life.

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