雙二元(n, m)型二重(r1, r2)循環矩陣的逆矩陣

Translated Titles

On the Inverse Matrix of the double-binary level-2 (r1, r2)-cyclic Matrix of Type (n, m)


馬玉潔(Yu-Jie Ma);田素霞(Su-Xia Tian)

Key Words

循環矩陣 ; 二重循環矩陣 ; 逆矩陣 ; cyclic matrix ; level-2 cyclic matrix ; inverse matrix



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23卷5期(2005 / 10 / 01)

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635 - 638

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Chinese Abstract

利用一些矩陣乘法和二元r循環矩陣的逆矩陣給出了雙二元(n, m)型二重(r1, r2)循環矩陣逆矩陣的簡便算法。

English Abstract

In this paper we give a basic algorithm of inverse matrix of the double-binary level-2 (r1, r2)-cyclic matrix of type (n, m) by only product of some matrix and the formula of the inverse matrix of the binary r-cyclic matrix.

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