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Economic Analysis of Human Capital Investment in the Anti-Poverty Strategy of Ethnic Minority Area


朱乾宇(Qian-Yu Zhu);姚上海(Shang-Hai Yao)

Key Words

民族地区 ; 贫困 ; 人力资本 ; ethnic minority area ; poverty ; human capital



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2005卷1期(2005 / 02 / 15)

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36 - 39

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The article thinks that the shortage of human capital is the important reason to cause the poor vicious circle of ethnic minority area. Increasing the input of the human capital is the key to help this area jump out of the ”poor trap”. Because the investment subjects are different, the remarkable difference will exist in the investment efficiency of the human capital, therefore the local government of ethnic minority area and individuals lack the motivation in human capital investment. For this, the author provides the corresponding suggestions.

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