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Discussion on the Characteristics of the Learning Academy of Yuan Dynasty


李良品(Liang-Pin Li)

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元代 ; 书院 ; 特征 ; 官学化 ; 理学 ; Yuan dynasty ; learning academy ; characteristic ; officialization ; Confucian philosophy



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2005卷1期(2005 / 02 / 15)

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45 - 49

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The learning academy is a special educational organizational form in Chinese feudal society, which developed quickly on the support and protection of the central government. During its development process, the emperor of Yuan dynasty took a series of measures to control it: appointing the governor by feudal officials of various levels, appointing and promoting the officials of academy and controlling the use of expenses of it, which eventually make the learning academy officialization. Spreading the Confucian philosophy was the aim of teaching. In addition, in the development process of the learning academy of Yuan dynasty, the extension of Confucian philosophy to the north, the establishment of folk academies and the establishment of the academies by the officials of Mongolia nationality are the characteristics of it, which distinguished from the academies in Song and Ming dynasty.

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