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The Diagnostic Analysis of the Rapid Change in Tropical Cyclones Intensity before Landfall in South China


胡春梅(Chun-Mei Hu);端義宏(Yi-Hong Duan);余暉(Hui Yu);于潤玲(Run-Ling Yu);杜秉玉(Bing-Yu Du)

Key Words

登陸熱帶氣旋 ; 強度突變 ; 大尺度診斷分析 ; tropical cyclone landfall ; intensity rapid change ; large-scale environmental flow diagnostic analysis



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21卷4期(2005 / 08 / 01)

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377 - 382

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NCEP reanalysis data are used in this paper to diagnose large-scale environmental flows of tropical cyclones (TC), whose intensity change rapidly before landfall in South China. Results show (1) TCs that intensify rapidly are located at the south or southwest of subtropical high and the southwest current are entangled in the center of TC in lower troposphere (850 hPa). While most of TCs that decrease rapidly are at the northwest of subtropical high; (2) there is a favorable environment flow for these rapid intense TCs, which is strong convergence at the low level and remarkable divergence at the upper level; (3) the rapid intensification of TC is related to the sufficient water vapor transportation.

Topic Category 基礎與應用科學 > 大氣科學