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Characteristics of the Subtropical Anticyclone during the Abnormal Rainfall Period over the Huaihe River Region 2003


姚秀萍(Xiu-Ping Yao);于玉斌(Yu-Bin Yu);劉還珠(Huan-Zhu Liu)

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西太副高 ; OLR ; 西風急流 ; 熱帶對流 ; 潛熱 ; SA ; OLR ; westerly jet ; convective ; latent heating



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21卷4期(2005 / 08 / 01)

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393 - 401

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Chinese Abstract


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Using the NCEP data sets and the Outgoing Longwave Radiation (OLR) data sets, the analyses of the abnormal characteristics of the West Pacific Subtropical Anticyclone (WPSA) during the heavy rainfall period over the Huaihe basin region from June to July 2003 is made in this paper. It is shown that the WPSA is characterized by more northward than usual and relative stability. There exist shifts in the north-south direction and oscillations in the east-west direction for the movement of the WPSA, but the latter is more obvious than the former. The ridge of the WPSA inclines to the north from the lower troposphere to the higher troposphere, and there exists descending motion below the lower-mid troposphere and ascending motion above the mid-upper troposphere near the ridge of the WPSA. The establishment of a blocking anticyclone in the mid-higher latitude, the strong and the stable westerly jet in the middle latitude and the abnormal actively convective in the tropical region are conducive to the relative stability of the WPSA. Meanwhile, the continuous anomalous rainfall over the Huaihe R. basin region can also enhance the release of convective latent heating, which helps the development and westward movement of the WPSA.

Topic Category 基礎與應用科學 > 大氣科學