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Relative Study on Deltamelthrin Exposure and Mortality Due to Digestive System Sarcomata


郭淑滿(Shu-Man Guo);周寶森;林琦

Key Words

溴氰菊酯 ; 消化系統腫瘤 ; 死亡率 ; Deltamelthrin ; Digestive ; System Sarcomata ; Death Rate



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31卷4期(2005 / 08 / 01)

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33 - 34

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To analyse the relationship between deltamelthrin exposure and mortality due to digestive system sarcomata, collect data of deltamelthrin exposure in 6 suburb counties of Shenyang in 1996~1999 and data of mortality due to digestive system sarcomata in 1997~2002, and analyse Spearman grade relativity of annual using pesticide density and average mortality due to digestive system sarcomata in following 3 years by SPSS (11.5) the relationship between annual using pesticide density anti average mortality due to male Carcinomaofe Sophagus, Gastric Cancer and Hepatocellular carcinoma was remarkable. Significant correlations were found between annual using pesticide density anti average mortality due to male carcinomaofrectum in 1997~1999, while no significant correlation was found in 1996. There were few years about that of female. Deltamelthrin exposure was one of the dangerous factors, which may lead to death owing to male carcinomaofe sophagus, Gastric Cancer and Hepatocellular carcinoma. Other results were not significant and studies should be taken deeply on epidemic and toxicology in the future.

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