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The Four Allocations' Unscramble of SHIzi


李文锋(Wen-Feng Li)

Key Words

尸子 ; 四时 ; 四方 ; 忠信礼乐 ; 思想兼融 ; SHIzi ; the four seasons ; the four direction ; loyalty faith rite music ; ideological compatibility



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22卷1期(2005 / 02 / 01)

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107 - 109

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The content of SHIzi compiled by WANG Ji-pei of Qing Dynasty is considerably substantial, in which are the four pieces of exegetical material of ”spring as loyalty”、”summer as music”、”autumn as rite”、”winter as faith”. The four have their original view and special ideological background of that time when they came into being. This thesis, from exegetical angle, tries to find the compatibility of the astronomical phenomena of spring summer autumn winter four seasons, the significance of east south west north four directions as well the connotation of loyalty music rite faith four matters. Thus it explains the reason why the author got the four conclusions of ”spring as loyalty”、”summer as music”、”autumn as rite”、”winter as faith” Also, the thesis applying to the time ideological background of the author, makes a further discussion. Then it implys the ideological fundation of its emerging and the time characteristics it represents.

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