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Construction Vector and Effcient Expression of Antifreeze Proteins Gene


郝岗平(Gang-Ping Hao);宋立军(Li-Jun Sun);史仁玖(Ren-Jiu Shi)

Key Words

抗冻蛋白基因 ; 诱导表达 ; 抗冻活性 ; antifreeze protein gene ; induced expression ; antifreezing activity



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22卷3期(2001 / 09 / 25)

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193 - 196

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Chinese Abstract

目的 构建可用于大肠杆菌表达系统的含抗冻蛋白基因AFP的表达载体。方法 采用定向克隆方法将抗冻蛋白基因AFP全长插入表达载体PIN-Ⅲ-OmpA3,切除内含子,酶切鉴定重组质粒,IPTG诱导表达,热滞活性法测定AFP于蛋白活性。结果 经酶切鉴定抗冻蛋白基因AFP插入表达载体PIN-Ⅲ-OmpA3中,切除内含子后,得到表达产物抗冻蛋白。结论 抗冻蛋白基因AFP的表达载体构建成功,为将来工厂化生产抗冻蛋白奠定基础。

English Abstract

Objective: To obtain the procaryotic expression vector containing the antifreeze protein gene AFP. Methods: By directional cloning method, AFP gene fragment was cloned into the expression vector PIN-Ⅲ-OmpA3 and the recombinant plasmid DNA was identified with enzyme digestion. First, splice out the intron of the antifreeze protein gene, then induce its expression with IPTG, and finally determine the thermal hysteresis activity of the purified protein. Results: AFP gene fragment was cloned into the expression vector and we obtained the antifreeze protein successfully. Conclusion: The recombinant expression plasmid pIN-Ⅲ-OmpA3 is constructed successfully, which lays a good basis for factory producing antifreeze protein in the future.

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