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Contrastive Detection to Hepatitis B Virus Serum Markers and Pre-S1 Antigen of 110 Patients


侯佩强(Pei-Qiang Hou);刘玮红(Wei-Hong Liu)

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乙肝病毒血清标志物 ; 乙肝病毒前S1抗原 ; 酶联免疫吸附试验 ; hepatitis B virus serum markers ; Pre-S1 antigen ; ELISA



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25卷5期(2004 / 10 / 25)

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399 - 400

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Chinese Abstract

目的 探讨HBV血清标志物与乙肝病毒前S1抗原检测结果的关系。方法 用酶联免疫吸附试验法(ELISA)检测常规的乙肝病毒血清标志物和乙肝病毒前S1抗原。结果 分析常规的HBV血清标志物不同组合模式发现,表面抗原阳性的模式中,HBV前S1抗原的检出率较高。结论 乙肝病毒前S1抗原可作为一种新的HBV血清标志物对乙肝病毒进行检测。

English Abstract

Objective: To discuss relation of hepatitis B virus serum markers and Pre-S1 antigen. Methods Analyze the markers of HBV in blood serum and Pre-S1 of HBV with ELISA. Results It was discovered that the positive ratio of Pre-S1 was high in the groovy composition models of hepatitis B virus serum markers in the models that HBsAg was positive by analyze. Conclusion Pre-S1 antigen can be a new marker of HBV in blood serum and can be used in examining hepatitis B virus.

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