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The Relationshops between the Pregestational Weight and the Abnormal Pregnancy Result


刘学军(Xue-Jun Liu);张春霞(Chun-Xia Zhang)

Key Words

新生儿 ; 孕前体重 ; 产式 ; neonatus ; pregestational weight ; labor presentation



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25卷5期(2004 / 10 / 25)

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403 - 405

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Chinese Abstract

目的 研究孕前体重与分娩方式及新生儿不良结局有无相关性。方法 选择280例产妇,根据体重指数分为4组,研究不同组别的分娩方式和新生儿结局。结果 超重组和肥胖组自然分娩率显著低于正常体重组和低体重组,阴道助产和剖宫产率显著高于后两组,超重组和肥胖组巨大儿。新生儿窒息和转入NICU机会均高于正常体重和低体重组,但出生孕周和出生体重无显著差异。结论 孕前体重指数过高与剖宫产和阴道助产率增加密切相关,孕前超重和肥胖与新生儿不良结局关系密切,因而建议孕前进行体重控制。

English Abstract

Objective: To study the relationships between pregestational weight and labor presentation and neonatus abnormal result. Methods: According to the weight index, 280 cases were divided four groups. To analyze the labor presentation and the neonatus result between different groups. Results: The natural labor rate of the ultra-weight group and fat group was significantly lower than the normal weight group and low weight group. The rate of vagina forceps delivery and cesarean section (C.S) was significantly higher than later two. In the ultra-weight and fat groups, the chance of macrosomia, neonatal asphyxia and transferred to NICU was higher (P<0.05). There were no significant difference in the gestational period and birth weight. Conclution: The over-high pregestational weight index is closely related to higher rate of C.S and vagina forceps delivery. Pregestational ultra-weight and fat are closely related to neonatus abnormal result. Therefore, it is suggested to control weight before pregnancy.

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