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Photodynamic Effects of CPD5 on Human Pancreatic Carcinoma Cell Lines in Vitro and Reduced Poisonous Reaction under Photosencitivity by Using Vitamin C


沈雲志(Yun-Zhi Shen);趙承梅(Cheng-Mei Zhao);付汝廉(Ru-Lian Fu);劉樑(Liang Liu)

Key Words

光動力療法PDT ; CPD5 ; 胰腺癌 ; 維生素C ; photodynamic therapy PDT ; CPD5 ; pancreatic cacer ; vitamin C



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16卷8期(2005 / 08 / 15)

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1000 - 1003

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Chinese Abstract

採用細胞排染試驗,觀察CPD5對人胰癌細胞(Hs766T)的體外光動力療法(PDT)作用及維生素C減輕光毒的效果。結果表明:1) 人胰癌細胞對CPD5 PDT敏感,在CPD5濃度為2.5 μg/mL時,PDT造成胰癌細胞抑制率達97.4%;2) 濃度為40 μg/Ml的維生素C有明顯的減輕光毒作用,最高可使細胞存活率提高86.0%。

English Abstract

To study the killing effect of CPD5 photodynamic therapy on human pancreatic carcinoma cell lines (Hs766T) in Vitro by dying cell. The poisonous reaction of CPD 5 photodynamic therapy (PDT) was reduced by vitamin C. The experimental result shows that 1) The sensitivity of the human pancreatic carcinoma cell line to CPD5 PDT can be observed. The inhibitory rate of CPD5 PDT is 97.4% while the concentation of CPD5 is 2.5 μg/mL. 2) The poisonous reaction of CPD5 PDT is significantly reduccd by using vitamin C (40 μg/mL), Survival rate of cell lines can be highest raised to 86.0%.

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