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Study on the Distributed Optical Fiber Sensing Technology for Pipeline Leakage Detection


周琰(Yan Zhou);靳世久(Shi-Jiu Jin);張昀超(Yun-Chao Zhang);孫立瑛(Li-Ying Sun)

Key Words

光纖 ; 傳測器 ; 管道 ; 泄漏檢測 ; optical fiber ; sensor ; pipeline ; leak detection



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16卷8期(2005 / 08 / 15)

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935 - 938

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Chinese Abstract

提出了一種基於Mach-Zehnder光纖干涉儀原理的管道洩漏檢測分佈式光纖傳感技術,該技術可以實時檢測管道線發生的洩漏。分析了該技術的工作原理,討論了在洩漏噪聲作用下光纖中傳播的光波相位變化關係。理論分析和測試結果表明,該測試技術可以有效地提高管道洩漏的測試靈敏度。在氣體管道壓力小於0.2 MPa的條件下,可以檢測到0.4 立方公尺/min的氣體管道洩漏,測試距離可達到50 km。

English Abstract

A new distributed optical fiber sensing technology based on the principle of Mach-Zehnder optical fiber interferometer is introduced in this paper. This technology can be used to detect leakage along pipeline in real-time. The principle of this technology is analyzed, and the phase change under the action of acoustic wave of leakage is discussed. The result of the theoretic analysis and the experiments show that the measurement sensitivity of detecting leakage is greatly improved. Using this technology, the gas leakage of 0.4 m^3/min can be detected in the condition that the pressure of the gas pipe is less than 0.2 MPa, and measurement length is about 50 km.

Topic Category 基礎與應用科學 > 物理
工程學 > 電機工程