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Solution for H.264-based Stream Switching of Scalable Coding Bitstreams


李志剛(Zhi-Gang Li);張兆揚(Zhao-Yang Zhang);吳彪(Biao Wu);張穎(Ying Zhang)

Key Words

H.264 ; 可伸縮編碼 ; 亮度Y峰值信噪比Y-PSNR ; 流切換SS ; 視頻傳輸 ; H.264 ; scalable coding ; Y-PSNR ; stream switching SS ; video transmission



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16卷8期(2005 / 08 / 15)

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947 - 951

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Chinese Abstract

H.264/AVC支持同步預測(SP)幀,允許不同質量比特流之間的高效切換;MPEG-4支持精細顆粒可伸縮(FGS)編碼。提出一種將兩者融合在一起的解決方案,使得傳輸的比特流既能適應因特網或無線網絡傳輸帶寬的大範圍波動,又能靈活適應小範圍的帶寬變化。仿真實驗結果表明:該方案的亮度Y峰值信噪比(Y-PSNR)比FGS平均好0.47 dB,比流切換(SS)方法平均好0.23 dB。

English Abstract

Synchronization-predictive (SP) frame, which enables high efficiency of switching between two bitstreams with different qualities, is supported by H.264/AVC. And fine-granular-scalability (FGS) video coding is supported by MPEG-4. The combination of the two tools was proposesed to adapt high bandwidth variations of internet or wireless networks and low bandwidth variations flexibly. The experimental results show that the proposed system outperforms FGS by 0.47 dB and the H.264/AVC-based stream switching (SS) approach by 0.23 dB on average.

Topic Category 基礎與應用科學 > 物理
工程學 > 電機工程