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Development of Equipment for Simultaneously Measuring Two-dimensional Rotation Angles of the Linear Guide Track


匡萃方(Cui-Fang Kuang);馮其波(Qi-Bo Feng);劉斌(Bin Liu);張斌(Bin Zhang);陳士謙(Shi-Qian Chen)

Key Words

二維轉角 ; 偏仰角 ; 偏擺角 ; 同時測量 ; 直線導軌 ; 激光測量 ; two-dimensional rotation angles ; pitch ; yaw ; simultaneous measurement ; linear guide track ; laser measurement



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16卷8期(2005 / 08 / 15)

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965 - 968

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A simple and novel method for simultaneously measuring two-dimensional rotation angles of the linear guide track was presented which is based on a single-mode fiber-coupled laser module. The measuring model was established by adopting laser collimation technique. The system includes a fixing part and a moving part. The measuring principle of yaw and pitch was analyzed. The error separation is realized in theory. The experiments of stability, repeatability and its comparison with the double-frequency laser interference measuring system have been carried out. The practical results of the experiments show a good consistence with theoretical analysis. The systemic resolutions of measuring angles are better than 0.5”.

Topic Category 基礎與應用科學 > 物理
工程學 > 電機工程