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Experiment and Analysis on Mechanical Properties of Stitched Laminates


李晨(Chen Li);许希武(Xi-Wu Xu);汪海(Hai Wang)

Key Words

缝合层板 ; 试验 ; 面内力学性能 ; 缝合参数 ; 纤维弯曲 ; 纤维断裂 ; stitched laminates ; experiments ; in-plane mechanical properties ; stitching parameter ; fiber waviness ; fiber breakage



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37卷2期(2005 / 04 / 01)

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192 - 197

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Chinese Abstract


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Stitched laminates with various stitching directions and stitch densities are experimentally studied, to reveal the effect of stitching parameters on in-plane tensile, compressive or shear properties and failure modes. The mechanism is analyzed based on the academic models. Results indicate that stitching has a considerable effect on in-plane mechanical properties. Properties are all weakened with the increase of stitch densities and influenced by the change of stitching directions. It shows that the specimens are always broken along the stitches. The fiber waviness and fiber breakage due to stitching will cause great stress concentration, thus it plays an important role in the effect of stitching on the properties of composite laminates.

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