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Finite Element Method for Dynamics Response Analysis of Large Deflection of Three-Dimensional Beam


何欢(Huan He);陈国平(Guo-Ping Chen)

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大挠度 ; 空间梁 ; 几何非线性 ; 非线性惯性 ; 弯扭耦合 ; 动响应 ; large deflection ; three-dimensional beam ; geometric nonlinearity ; nonlinear inertia ; coupled deformation of bending and torsion ; dynamic response



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37卷2期(2005 / 04 / 01)

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198 - 202

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Based on the nonlinear relationship between strains and displacements, the finite element formulation for large deflection of three-dimensional beam is developed through Hamilton's variational principle. The formulation can describe the nonlinear vibration of the three-dimensional beam. Nonlinear inertia term coupled with the displacement of torsion is concerned. Calculational results show that the nonlinear response of a cantilever beam consists of a series of different harmonic waves; the stable amplitude plitude of the nonlinear vibration is smaller than that of the linear systems under the same structure damping; the dynamics characteristic can be significantly influenced by the nonlinear inertia term and the coupling terms of bending and torsion.

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