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Nectar Secretion Patterns, Floral Visitor Behavior and Their Impacts on Fruit and Seed Sire of Alpinia Blepharocalyx


邓晓保(Xiao-Bao Deng);任盘宇(Pan-Yu Ren);李庆军(Qing-Jun Li)

Key Words

姜科植物 ; 传粉生物学 ; 盗蜜 ; 花松鼠 ; 结实率 ; 动植物关系 ; Zingiberaceae ; Pollination biology ; Nectar robber ; Tamiops swinhoei ; Reproductive success ; Plant-animal interactions



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29卷2期(2005 / 03 / 01)

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274 - 280

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Chinese Abstract

依靠动物传粉的植物,其繁殖成功(胚珠受精与花粉散布)很大程度上取决于访花动物的种类和拜访行为,而访花动物的种类和行为又受植物提供给传粉者的回报,主要是花蜜分泌格局的影响。通过对姜科山姜属植物云南草蔻(Alpinia belpharocalyx)花蜜分泌量及糖分含量的测定,拜访动物种类、传粉昆虫拜访频率及停留时间的调查,主要盗蜜者花松鼠(Tamiops swinhoei)的盗蜜行为观察,植物的结实率以及结籽量的分析等,探讨花蜜分泌与传粉昆虫的关系以及盗蜜对果实及种子生产的影响。研究表明:云南草蔻的两种花型花蜜的分泌量在一天的单花开花过程中呈现相反的格局,花柱上举型花下午的花蜜分泌量高于上午,而花柱下垂型花则上午略高于下午;两种花型花蜜的糖分浓度都随着开花时间而下降;共有17种访花动物拜访云南草翘的花,其中8种具有传粉作用;传粉昆虫的停留时间随拜访频率的不断增加而缩短;被盗蜜植株与未被盗蜜植株的结实率差异不显著而结籽量差异显著。

English Abstract

The reproductive success (Ovule fertilization and the pollen dispersal) of animal-pollinated plants is dependent upon floral visitors and their visiting behavior. The visitor and their behavior are primarily determined by the rewards offered by the plant, mainly nectar secretion and its components. In this study, we linked the floral visitors and their visiting behavior with the fruit and seed siring on a flexistylous ginger, Alpinia blepharocalyx, in Caiyanghe Provincial Natural Reserve (22º30'N, 101º22'E), southwest China. The study was carried out from March 16 to April 28, 2003. We established 9 plots within 3 noncontiguous patches of a large population of A. blepharocalyx and measured nectar volume and concentration, recorded floral visitor species and their behavior, recorded fruit set and seed production, and measured the effects of a nectar robber, the striped squirrel (Tamiops swinhoei) on reproductive success. Nectar was measured 6 times a day; a micro-capillary tube was used to collect nectar secretions and a refractometer used to analyze sugar concentrations. Visiting frequency and duration were recorded every 2 hours from 7:30-19:00 during the entire flowering season. Seventeen species of floral visitors were recorded during the observation period, S species of which were pollinators. Of these, Bombus eximius and Bombus richardis were the most effective pollinators due to higher visiting frequencies and apparent well-suited body sizes. The nectar secretion patterns of two phenotypes were opposite: anaflexistylous flower secreted more nectar in the afternoon than that in the morning whereas the cataflexistylous flower showed the reverse pattern. The sugar concentration of both phenotypes declined during the anthesis period from 07:30 to 20:00. The visiting frequencies of pollinators were higher in the afternoon than in the morning. Pollinators spent a longer time at the flower during a single visit before 10:30 A. M. when the visiting frequency was low, but shortened the duration of a visit when the visiting frequencie increased after 11:30 A. M. The fruit set ratio of A. blepharocalyx was not significantly different between nectar robbed and non-robbed plots, but seed production was greater in the non-rubbed plants.

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