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Wax and Cuticle of Peanut Seed Coat in Relation to Infection and Aflatoxin Production by Asperillus flavus


梁炫強(Xuan-Qiang Liang);周桂元(Gui-Yuan Zhou);潘瑞熾(Rui-Chi Pan)

Key Words

花生 ; 黃麯黴毒素 ; 種皮 ; 蠟質 ; 角質層 ; Peanut ; Seed coat ; Aflatoxin ; Wax ; Cuticle



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11卷1期(2003 / 03 / 01)

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11 - 14

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The effects of wax and cuticle of peanut seed coat on reducing the infection and aflatoxin production by Aspergillus flavus were studied. Experiments showed that when the wax on seed coat was removed with chloroform or/and cuticle removed with KOH (or cutinase), fungal infection rate and afiatoxin content in the seeds were significantly increased. Aflatoxin content in seeds with wounded seed coat was higher than that in intact seeds after being inoculated with A. flavus. Scanning electron microscopic observation on seed coat revealed that most of resistant seeds were rough in appearance and had adundant wax deposits on seed surfaces. It is indicated that the wax and cuticle play an important role in preventing fungal penetration.

Topic Category 生物農學 > 植物學
生物農學 > 生物環境與多樣性