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Studies on Uptake Characteristics of Nutrients in Super Hybrid Rice Liangyou Peijiu


裴又良(You-Liang Pei)

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超級雜交稻 ; 兩優培九 ; 養分吸收特性 ; Super hybrid rice ; Liangyou Peijiu ; uptake of nutrients



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20卷3期(2005 / 05 / 01)

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68 - 70

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Chinese Abstract

在田間試驗條件下,對超級雜交稻兩優培九各生育階段的養分吸收特性進行了研究和分析。結果表明,兩優培九在分蘖、拔節、孕穗和抽穗結實期的養分吸收量占總吸收量的比率,氮為46.7%,10.3%,17.8%和15.6%,磷為46.5%,17.8%,24.7%和8.3%,鉀為54.7%,9.2%,20.8%和11.3%;平均每生產其1000 kg稻穀需吸收氮16.0kg、磷3.9kg、鉀20.9kg。

English Abstract

The uptake characteristics of nutrients at different growth stages of the super hybrid rice combination Liangyou Peijiu were studied on field experimental conditions. The results showed that the percentages of the absorbed nutrient quantity to the total value in tillering, shooting, hooting and grain filling stages were 46.7%, 10.3%, 17.8% and 15.6% for nitrogen, 46.5%, 17.8%, 24.7% and8.3% for phosphorus, and 54.7%, 9.2%, 20.8% and 11.3% for potassium. To produce 1000 kg of grains (rough rice), 16.0 kg of nitrogen, 3.9 kg of phosphorus and 20.9 kg of potassium were needed to be absorbed in the production of the super hybrid rice combination Liangyou Peijiu.

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