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Stitching Image Algorithm for Pathologic Slices Based on Block Structure Characteristics


曹紅蘋(Hong-Ping Cao);王國鈞(Guo-Jun Wang);劉建華(Jian-Hua Liu)

Key Words

結構特徵 ; 相關性 ; 圖像拼接 ; structual characteristic ; correlation ; image stitching



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25卷3期(2005 / 07 / 01)

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364 - 366

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This introduction is about a new pathological cut-section image stitching algorithm which uses a simple and powerful structural block as a template. The algorithm refers to the stitching of two adjacent pathological cut-section images in the overlapping area, a further development of Mr. Zhong Li's algorithm. With the correlation arid the maximum packet distribution for image mosaic, the algorithm is faster and more stable to stitch images with 100 columns only in the overlapping area. A more practical effect can be achieved.

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