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The Measuring Moment of Inertia Using Rigid Body Instrument with Computer


朱国全(Guo-Quan Zhu);陈永华(Yong-Hua Chen)

Key Words

刚体转动仪 ; 转动惯量 ; 微机 ; rigid body turning inertia instrument ; moment of inertia ; Computers



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24卷7期(2005 / 07 / 01)

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26 - 28

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In the experiment of measuring moment of inertia using rigid body instrument, time is the main datum, which is not only measured many times (more than 150 times in one experiment), but also needs to be precise. What's more, the data disposing is very complex. This paper introduced a new way on how to measure time and dispose data in the whole experiment system with only one computer. The interface circuit is simple, time can be measured exactly, and data can be disposed quickly with less error. This method can be extended easily.

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