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Research of IDC Network Management Based on Mobile Agent


尹航(Hang Yin);吴杰宏(Jie-Hong Wu)

Key Words

移动代理 ; 互联网数据中心 ; 线程 ; 分布式网管 ; 负载平衡 ; mobile agent MA ; internet data center IDC ; thread ; distributed network management ; load balance



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24卷7期(2005 / 07 / 01)

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41 - 43

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The existing centralized network management frameworks suffer from problems such as insufficient scalability, reliability, and flexibility. A manager dispatches the mobile agents to the managed nodes to get data or execute tasks. So there is no need to bring intermediate data across the network, and thus a significant amount of network bandwidth use and communication delay can be avoided. Manager flexibly distributes the management intelligence to the network element, this can reduce the computation of the management platform and the load on the network, thus improves the scalability of the network management system. In this paper, mobile agent (MA) was used in network management, and a method of solving server performance bottle-neck and load balance was discussed.

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