Gunther Tulip下腔靜脈濾器置入術的臨床應用

Translated Titles

Clinical Application of the Gunther Tulip Inferior Vena Cava Filter


陳國平(Guo-Ping Chen);顧建平(Jian-Ping Gu);何旭(Xu He);樓文勝;陳亮;蘇浩波

Key Words

深靜脈血栓形成 ; 肺栓塞 ; 下腔靜脈濾器 ; 放射學,介入性 ; Deep vein thrombosis ; Inferior vena cava filter ; Pulmonary embolism ; Radiology interventional



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15卷11期(2005 / 11 / 01)

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867 - 869

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Chinese Abstract

目的:評價Gunther Tulip下腔靜脈濾器置入術對預防肺栓塞(PE)的效果及使用中的問題。方法:對16例下肢深靜脈血栓形成患者實施經皮股靜脈穿刺Gunther Tulip下腔靜脈濾器置入術,術後立即行下腔靜脈(IVC)造影及術後1,3,6,12個月分別攝腹部平片或做濾器處彩超,觀察濾器位置、形態及有無併發症。結果:16例均經股靜脈成功置入濾器於腎靜脈下方1.16±1.21cm的IVC內,3例濾器釋放瞬間有一向前彈性衝力,但濾器前跳均<0.5cm。1例經左股靜脈置入濾器傾斜度>15°,無擴展不良。復查時均未發現濾器移位及PE發生。結論:Gunther Tulip下腔靜脈濾器置入術對預防肺栓塞是一種操作簡便、安全、有效的方法,其可取出體外的特點而具有廣闊的應用前景。

English Abstract

Objective: To preliminary evaluate the efficacy and problems of percutaneous insertion of the Gunther Tulip inferior vena cava filter (GTF) for the prevention of pulmonary embolism (PE). Methods: GTF was inserted in 16 cases of deep venous thrombosis (DVT) from femoral vein. The inferior venacavogram were performed immediately and 1, 3, 6, 12 month after operation abdominal radiograph or duplex sonography of the inferior vena cava were taken respectively for inspection the position and shape of the filter and complications. Results: GTF was inserted successfully in 16 cases from the femoral vein. The filter were implanted into the infrarenal inferior vena cava with the apex of the filter below the lowest renal vein 1.16±1.21cm. The elastic strength to proximal in the moment of releasing were found in three cases. GTF have a tendency to tilt more than 15° in one from left femoral approach. All cases were followed up for 3~24 months without migration of filters and PE finding. Conclusion: The GTF implantation is a safe and effective method to prevent PE. The feature of retrievable has a broad range of utility in prevention of PE.

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