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Sensitivity of the Hepatic Arteriography for the Recurrent Liver Cancer after Surgery


汪建成(Jian-Cheng Wang);胡道予(Dao-Yu Hu);鄒曉媚(Xiao-Mei Zou);洪永英;陳代明;陳建中

Key Words

肝細胞癌 ; 肝切除術後 ; 復發 ; 血管造影術 ; Liver carcinoma ; Hepatectomy ; Recurrence ; Angiography



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15卷11期(2005 / 11 / 01)

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900 - 903

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Objective: To investigate the diagnostic value for the recurrence after hepatic-resection with B model ultrosonography, CT and hepatic arteriography (HAG). Methods: The detectable rate among the B model ultrosonography, CT and HAG was compared in 102 cases of recurrence of sub-clinical hepatocarcinoma. Results: The detectable rate of B model ultrosonography, CT and hepatic arteriography was 72%, 84% and 96%, respectively. Conclusion: The hepatic arteriography is the most sensitive method for diagnosis of intrahepatic nodules and it should be as a routine method for the follow up survey after hepatic-resection.

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