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Dynamics of Grazing Ecosystem between Plant Output and Animal Production


王欽(Qin Wang);李峻成(Jun-Cheng Li);安玉鋒(Yu-Feng An);張發慧(Fa-Hui Zhang);肖金玉(Jin-Yu Xiao)

Key Words

放牧生態 ; 相互效應 ; 動態特徵 ; 草地容納量 ; Grazing ecology ; Dynamics ; Interaction effects ; Grassland capacity



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10卷3期(2002 / 09 / 01)

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173 - 178

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Dynamics of grazing ecosystem was about the interaction with plant and animal production, herbage output that changed with the season had effect on the animal feed and the capacity of transforming the food to animal nutrition. During the spring summer and autumn, the content of the herbage was separately more 15.99%、0.43% and 2.7% than of the grass lived on the land. However the protein content was lower in the winter. The protein intake in spring was more 22.3% of that during the summer. The protein content of herbage was the highest during the spring, but the DM intake of the sheep was fewer, which resulted in the loss of weight during the winter and spring.

Topic Category 生物農學 > 植物學