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A Study on the Efficient Forage Production System in the Cropping Areas of Southwestern Sichuan Province


刘芳(Fang Liu);李向林(Xiang-Lin Li);白静仁(Jing-Ren Bai);何峰(Feng He);万里强(Li-Qiang Wan)

Key Words

川西南农区 ; 饲草生产系统 ; 多花黑麦草 ; 玉米 ; 高丹草 ; 小黑麦 ; 光叶苕子 ; Cropping areas of southwestern Sichuan Province ; Forage production system ; Annual ryegrass ; Corn ; Sudangrass ; Triticale ; Smooth vetch



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14卷2期(2006 / 06 / 01)

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147 - 151

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Chinese Abstract

在川西南研究了多花黑麦草(Lolium multiflorum)-玉米(Zea mays)、多花黑麦草-高丹草(Sorghum×S. sudanes)、小黑麦(Tirticoseale wittmack)-玉米-玉米、小黑麦-高丹草、多花黑麦草+光叶苕子(Vicia villosa)-玉米和多花黑麦草+光叶苕子-高丹草6个一年生牧草生产系统的产草量和草种季节配置。结果表明:6个系统的干草产量都达到30×10^3kg/hm^2以上,其中最高的小黑麦-高丹草系统达到36.7×10^3kg/hm^2;6个系统都形成了良好的草种季节配置,生长期达到320d以上,一年的总收获次数为5~8次。

English Abstract

Six annual-forage production systems, yield, and seeding-season order have been studied in Southwestern Sichuan Province. They are ryegrass-corn, ryegrass-sorghum × sudangrass, triticale-corn-corn, triticale-sorghum × sudangrass, ryegrass + vetch-corn, and ryegrass + vetch-sorghum × sudangrass. Results show that the total forage dry-matter yield of all the six varieties averaged 30×10^3 kg/hm^2 plus per year, with that of triticale-sorghum × sudangrass the highest, amounting to 36.7 × 10^3 kg/hm^2 per year. The seeding period of the six varieties are efficiently organized, their productive period lasts more than 320 days a year, and their cropping frequency has reached 5~8 times per year.

Topic Category 生物農學 > 植物學