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Effects of Effective BD Fertilizers on Characteristics of Agronomy and Economy of flue-cured Tobacco


王少先(Shao-Xian Wang);匡逢春(Feng-Chun Kuang);夏石头(Shi-Tou Xia);何小解(Xiao-Jie He);萧浪涛(Lang-Tao Xiao);彭克勤(Ke-Qin Peng)

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BD肥 ; 烟草 ; 农艺性状 ; 经济性状 ; BD fertilizers ; tobacco ; characteristics ; agronomy ; economy



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35卷6期(2009 / 12 / 01)

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618 - 622

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Chinese Abstract

通过小区和大田示范试验,研究了基肥和追肥分别造粒的烟草专用缓释肥(BD肥)对烟草农艺和经济性状的影响。结果表明:当BD肥施用量为1200 kg/hm^2时,烟株田间长势长相、初烤烟叶外观质量较好,烟叶化学成分更趋协调。小区试验中,当一次性施用BD肥0.135 kg/m^2时,初烤烟叶产值比对照极显著增加16.41%。大田示范试验中,当一次性施用BD肥1350 kg/hm^2时,初烤烟叶产值比对照显著增加14.58%,而一次性施用BD肥1200 kg/hm^2,时其产值则显著增加14.17%。BD肥对初烤烟叶香气有一定影响,且其杂气、余味均较对照好,其中以一次性施用BD肥1200 kg/hm^2的烟株表现最好。

English Abstract

Effects of BD fertilizers, in which basal fertilizer and dressing fertilizer were microencapsulated respectively, on characteristics agronomy and economy of the flue-cured tobacco were studied by field plot trial and field demonstration project. The results showed that flue-cured tobacco, with dosage of BD fertilizer at 1200 kg/hm^2, had a better growths and presented a quality leaf appearance and a more coordinated chemical composition. In field plot trial, when one single basal application dosage of BD fertilizer was 0.135 kg/m^2, the production value was 16.41% significantly higher than that of the control at 0.01 level. In field demonstration project, when the single basal application dosage of BD fertilizer was 1350 kg/hm^2, the production value was 14.58% significantly higher than that of the control, and the production value was significantly increased by 14.17% with the application dosage of 1200 kg/hm^2 To some extent, the aroma character of the flue-cured tobacco was affected by BD fertilizer application and the offensive odor and after-taste were also improved in comparison to the control. Among them, the plants with the application dosage of 1200 kg/hm^2 was found to be the best.

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