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Study on the Biological Conservation of Agehana elwesi (Leech)


黄国华(Guo-Hua Huang);李密(Mi Li);周红春(Hong-Chun Zhou)

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宽尾凤蝶 ; 保护生物学 ; 生物学特性 ; 生态学特性 ; Agehana elwesi ; biological conservation ; biological characteristics ; ecological characteristics



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35卷6期(2009 / 12 / 01)

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660 - 663

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Chinese Abstract

野外调查结合室内饲养,研究宽尾凤蝶Agehana elwesi (Leech, 1889)的生物学特性和生态学特性。宽尾凤蝶在华南地区一年发生2代,全变态,幼虫常为5个龄期,以蛹越冬,一个生命历期为58~69 d,野外成虫主要出现于每年的4~5月和6月底~8月初,自300~1500 m海拔的人工林、次生林和原生林中均有分布;卵散产,幼虫具拟态、警戒色等保护性状,低龄期与高龄期保护性状差异明显,蛹具拟态等保护性状。

English Abstract

Based on breeding in laboratory and surveying in field, the biological and ecological characteristics of Agehana elwesi (Leech, 1889), were studied. It is an endemic and nationally endangered butterfly species in China, having two generations per year in South China and overwinters as pupa. Its larva has five instars which need 58-69 days to be mature, and the overwintering stage lasts 6-7 months. April to May and June to August are the time when they become adults. The biological and ecological characters were also described in details.

Topic Category 生物農學 > 農業