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Simulation Analysis of Design of the Gigabit SFP Optical Transceiver Based on IBIS Model


石章如(Zhang-Ru Shi)

Key Words

信號完整性 ; IBIS模型 ; 高速電路 ; SFP ; signal integrity ; IBIS model ; high-speed circuit ; SFP



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27卷5期(2005 / 10 / 01)

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9 - 12

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With the increasing growth of the bandwidth demand of communication and network, the application of optical communication technology is getting more extensive day by day. Optical transceiver module regarded as the key device has been a research focus in the optical communication field all the time. The relationship between IBIS model and SI (Signal Integrity) of the printed circuits board is explored and the concept of SI based on IBIS model is explicated. A successful case of application of simulation analysis based on IBIS model to gigabit SFP optical transceiver circuits is offered.

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