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About Sheet Hydroforming and Hydromechanical Deep Drawing without Draw Die


朗利輝(Li-Hui Lang);Joachim Danckert;Karl Brian Nielsen;張士宏(Shi-Hong Zhang);康達昌(Da-Chang Kang)

Key Words

液壓成形 ; 板成形 ; 無模充液拉深 ; 數值模擬 ; hydroforming ; sheet hydroforming ; hydromechnical deep drawing without draw die ; numerical simulation ; experimental analysis



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9卷4期(2002 / 12 / 28)

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29 - 34

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Sheet hydroforming is one type of hydroforming and has many advantages. In this paper, the sheet hydroforming processs development has been reviewed and the basic principles and features are introduced and discussed. Some new ideas about the equipment and process are summarized. The prospects about sheet hydroforming are estimated. Based on the existed sheet hydroforming technologies, a new method, named as hydromechanical deep drawing without draw die is proposed and developed. By means of experiment and numerical simulation, this process has been analyzed and studied, and good results have been obtained. This proves that the process is reliable and can be used to form the parts with better quality and higher drawing ratio.

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