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Stamp-forge Process Development of Sheet High Precision Part


蔡盛祺(Sheng-Qi Cai);吳春甫(Chun-Fu Wu)

Key Words

衝鍛工藝 ; 高精度零件 ; stamp-forge process ; high precision part



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9卷4期(2002 / 12 / 28)

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43 - 46

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Many parts or packages of 3C products are originally small, light, precise and large-scale. But with the latest developing tendency of such products, the smaller and thiner parts (that means 2 conbine into 1 or 3 conbine into 1) are required. This situation caused the part contour more complicated and brings more variable requirments to the part shape, thickness and working precision. Certainly, The traditional stamping technologies could'nt reach all these particular requirments, and get the cold forging technology could'nt accord with the economic requirments in large-scale production. In order to find a way that could reach the productive characteristic requirments of such a kind of products, the compound stamp-forge technology was being developed. In this paper, the new technology with two practical developed examples are introduced, including technology layout, die design. equipment requirments and attention events on output.

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