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General Trends of Technology and Plasticity Related Issues on Sheet Metal Forming Processes in Automotive Production


胡衛龍(Wei-Long Hu);王仲仁(Z. R. Wang)

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板材衝壓 ; 塑性力學 ; 屈服準則 ; 本構關係 ; 有限元分析 ; 壓邊 ; 輔助設計 ; sheet metal stamping ; plasticity ; yield criterion ; constitutive relations ; finite element analysis, binder-set ; addenda design



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9卷4期(2002 / 12 / 28)

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7 - 14

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Panels and frames of vehicles produced by the stamping processes play a major role in the automotive production, in a certain degree, which will result in the marketing of a new vehicle model to be going successful or not. Thus, technologies related to this kind of work must be paid more attention. High quality of these parts obtained relies on the technological developments involving the basic plasticity, FEA simulation and processing technology, In the scope of basic plasticity, which deals with the yield criteria, constitutive relations of stress and strain, the reorientation behaviors caused during a large deformation on an anisotropic strain-hardening material, and the forming limit dependence on loading history. With related to the FEA simulation work, the main works are finding out the difference and limitation with respect to each program. Effective control methods regarding to the dynamic effect while using dynamic code, and improving constringency by using implicit code, are all the important research projects. For the processing related issues, higher quality and lower weight requirements on the vehicles push binder design and die development to be going up a big progress, in which how to attach a helpful addendum on the associated tooling and how to decide the forming type, should be also the worth study in sheet metal forming field.

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