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Modem Common Right Utilititarianism: New Common Rightism


孟昭武(Zhao-Wu Meng)

Key Words

新公權主義 ; 公共權力 ; 功利觀 ; new common rightism ; common right ; utilititarianism



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26卷3期(2005 / 07 / 15)

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1 - 6

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New common rightism is a right utility theory that satisfies the reasonable personal utility needs and the reasonable social needs at the same time. Its core is to maintain the reasonable common and personal profits; its starting point and end result is to seek a balance between common right and private right; its basic presumption is to protect private right and private profit; its key is to restrict common right in a scientific way. With the maximum of common right as its starting point and the maintenance of social justice as its ideal goal, the practice of new common rightism should stick to collectivism and rational administration, restrict common right and protect reasonable common and private profits in order to prevent and punish right abuse and right corruption.

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